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Hens Party

Hanging out together and having a mini make over and photo shoot – one at a time. Your best girlfriends, Champagne, awesome hair and make-up, sexy sets and a brilliant time. Of course, sensational photography. Don’t worry – everyone gets their private shoot and
can go as sexy as they want.

Hens Party Studio photoshoot

Each girl will get expert hair and make up styling and personal  photography session with different poses, so each of you will end up with heaps of photos to fill an album or calendar… The photosession takes approx 30 minutes. The Hens will get a zick zack album which is included in the price.

2 girls for $365 each
3 girls for $360 each
4 girls for $295 each

Your package includes

– Photography 1 set each girl

– Hair + Make up – 1 style each

– Private Online Gallery

– Champaign + Chocolates

– 1x 6x4” ZickZack album incl 8 perfectly retouched images or a $100 product voucher for the Hen

Hens Party Location photoshoot

You choose one of many amazing locations and we book this just for you and your girls. From vintage houses and art decor  rooms to avantgarde mansions and luxury hotel rooms.

You book the Photographer and stylists for the day and get your besties together for some fun! Hair and Make up takes approx 1 hour each and each girl will get their own professional photos session as well as some all together photos, if you wish, as the new Burslesque group in town.
Well… and you should go out after as you will have killer looks!

If you want to organise your own amazing locations: Day rate for the complete team, Photographer, Stylists, props etc is available from $1,700

Pricing and individual time depends on how many girls sharing the fun.
You get the photographer and stylist for the day and share the

5 girls for $540 each

6 girls for $450 each

7 girls for $390 each

8 girls for $340 each

Your package includes:

– Photographer for the day

– Hair + Make-up stylists for the day

– Amazing Location in Melbourne

– Private Online Gallery

– Champagne + Chocolates

– 1x 6x4” ZickZack album incl 8 perfectly retouched images or a $100 product voucher for the Hen

– 1x 6x4” mounted print perfectly retouched for each girl


– Butleigh Wootton Mansion, Kew

– City view Luxury Hotel room, CBD

– Country Cottage

… more on request…

Hens Party Pop up Burlesque 

Each girl will be glamorised from expert our hair and make up stylist and will get a mini photography session. Just like the red carpet, the paparazzi will take loads of photos and we will have all the essential props ready for you to play with (feather boa, fans, bowler hats etc).

You hire out a party place and the Pop up studio team will come and set up the Fun zone. Price depends on how many girls will join in the fun. The Hen will get a CD with all the images taken on the day posted within 2 weeks. The day rate starts from $2,000.
More girls the cheaper, eg:
15 girls for $134 each
20 girls for $100 each

Your package includes

– Pop up Fun Zone with professional photographer including some great props to play with

– Private Online Gallery

– CD with high resolution jpegs (unlimited) posted to the Hen

– Hair + Make up styling mini make over for each girl

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