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I have a brand new purpose built studio with 50 square meters of gorgeous space. It is totally private and nobody will disturb us.  No need to spend money on a hotel room as I have created that boudoir look and I keep my husband busy building customised sets. But of course, you are more than welcome to book a hotel room if you want a different look to what we have available in my studio.

Before the shoot, we will create a shooting style. Depending on what product you like to purchase, we will make sure the images will look amazing put together. Please feel free to collect ideas. Eg: Movie posters and Music videos are always handy to create themes and moods you like. From vintage retro look to romantic “The Notebook” look to Hollywood glamour “Moulin Rouge” style, feel free and tell me all about it. Here are some sets I have created already in the studio…

boudoir photography melbourne sets

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