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The Knock Out  – $1,180

For those girls who really like to spoil their man and themselves. 
Amazing suite holding a beautiful laced silk album with classic matted prints and for those extra naughty ones a surprise pocked – The secret compartment – with 5 extra matted prints underneath the album. (files are not incl)

All up, 25 perfectly retouched 7.5x5” images. And of course delicious Chocolates for sweet’n the deal for your man even more!  …just a knock out!

The Bombshell – $700

Beautiful handcrafted 9” square album with matted and flush mounted pages.
Available in a variety of gorgeous cover materials and presentation boxes.
This album includes 10 sides with up to 15 images (extra 10 sides is $400)
…because you are worth it!

Faux Mens Magazine – $800

Hard cover magazine style, designed with your images and can include those interesting stories too…
Includes 30 images (extra images $30 each, files are not incl)
…The perfect gift for your man

The Big Secret – $500

Amazing 9x9” album with blackleatherette cover and 7 leaves.
Including the first 10 perfectlyretouched images and canhold up to 20’ish images
depending on Design.(extra images $30 each, files are not incl)

Memoir Album – from $570

Beautiful hand stitched distressed premium leather cover in Black or Brown.

This gorgeous album is available in a number of options:
Option1: Album fits 12 matted 5 x 7” images. $570.
Option 2: Album fits 20 matted 5 x 7” images. $850.
Option 3: Album fits 12 matted 10 x 8” images. $620.
Option 4: Album fits 20 matted 10 x 8” images. $890.
Matts available in Black or White.
Just gorgeous and your little secret.

boudoir photography memoir album

Little Black Book – $310

Leatherette magazine album with ten 5x7” prints.
Can be upgraded to hold up to 35 images.(extra images $30 each, files are not incl)
Heaps of cover options available to really personalise our album!
…fancy a leopard print?

Zick Zack – $210

Concertina, self standing book.
Either as 5×3.5” with 12 prints or 6x4” with 8 images
(extra images $30 each, files are not incl)
…..Perfect for the bedroom and can be folded away quickly when mum visits.

Calender from $310

Big A3 Calendar with 12 month And a cover image. 13 perfectly retouched images. Mark
your anniversary date to make sure he never
forgets it. The Calendar can start from any
month and can be extended to 24 month.
(extra images $30 each, files are not incl)
…Every month will be hot in this calender,
not just summer!

Portrait box from $390

Beautiful box for your perfect retouched prints.
Holds 8x 6x8” matted prints perfectly retouched of course
(extra images $30 each,files are not incl)
…Ready to give to your men or yourself!

Images on usb drive from $60

You can purchase your images as high resolution jpeg and it’s copyright to publish anywhere, you are the owner. The image will be perfectly retouched. Price is per image, and the files are high resolution jpegs to print at any size. Postage is extra ($15). Min.order 2 files. If purchase a large volume, ask for discount.

– High resolution file = $60 each
– Already retouched file = $30 each
– Un-retouched raw images on disc $990

Acrylic wall mounts

15x23” (38x58cm) $275
20x30” (50x76cm) $430
30x40” (76x102cm) $580

9x18” (23x45cm) $180
9x30” (23x76cm) $235
12x40” (30x102cm) $360
15x30” (38x76cm) $275
20x40” (50x102cm) $450

Framed Prints

(retouching and print included) – finished product
10x8” Frame to suite print size 7x5” $90
11x14” Frame to suite print size 7x10” $125
16x20’ Frame to suite print size 10x14” $180
16x20” Frame to suite print size 12x16” $190
20x24” Frame to suite print size 16x20” $30