Boudoir Photography Tips


I have listed some shops and inspirational website below, hope they help to create your own fabulous style and ideas for the shoot. Please keep in mind that a lot of those online shops are overseas and take a while for shipping, so make sure you start shopping early!

Local shops in Melbourne

There are many gorgouse shops but these are certainly some of my favs
Honey Birdette and the cheaper alternative BrasnThings (in most shopping centers) or
KissKill on Chapel Street or
Geezabella and Petrucio in Armadale
DJ and Myers certainly have a great range of good brands, like Agent Provocateur, Dita von Teese, Pleasure State, Simone Perlei.

Often the hardest thing to get are good stockings. They do cost quite a bit and its best to bring a variation but good ones are hard to get. I get them online as you sure to get what you want if you have the time. Cuban heels  and stay ups… a must.

What to Bring

Always bring more than less.

I do have corsets, outfits and shoes available for use and a lot of props and here are some ideas of what to bring if you have:

– Bath robe and slippers
– 2-3 of your fave lingerie sets (corset, sets, don’t forget gather belt and stockings)
– High heels are A MUST (different colors and styles) the higher the better
– Stockings (various) with or without garters
– anything else favourite of yours (cute cardigan, bathrobe, hat, etc)
– something from him… EG uniform, business shirt and tie, footy club beanie
– jewellery
– Anything he gave you
-The tools of your/his trade

How to Prepare for your shoot

A few helpful tips before coming to your boudoir session that will help you get the most out of your boudoir session.

– Wash your hair the night before so its not totally fresh so it can be styled better.
– Shave/Wax what ever is your normal routine, just plan ahead so your skin is healed.
– Moisturise well before you travel to the studio and bring your own (I do have some here to use if you don’t mind).
– Cut off all tags for any new clothes. (I certainly will help with that at the studio, always have scissors handy).
– Nails are important, please makes sure you are happy with how they look.
– Figure out a hair and makeup plan. If you need to go for cut and colour, try to book it one week before the shoot as fresh cut/coloured hair can look unnatural.
– Spray tans: I don’t recommend to do spray tans, as they can look very bad in flash light and turn green in the shadow and yellow in the highlights. So just adds a ton of retouching to my load but of course I understand if it makes you feel better, .. but keep it light and not too dark. And again a few days before hand so its not rubbing off anymore and hands and feet are natural.
– No need to bring anything for hair and make up, your stylist will have all professional products but of course if you have any special needs or swear on that lipstick of yours… please bring. My stylist will provide eye lashes too.
– Maybe bring a snack. Depending on your package but you might be here for 3-6 hours and I can retouch a full belly but I can’t do anything if you faint! 🙂 No need to starve yourself please! We want to have fun and feel good.

Questions & Answers

Do you retouch/airbrushing the photos?

Yes, every image you choose for you product will be perfectly retouched and you will have full controll on how much retouching there will be.

Are boudoir pictures still flattering for someone without a model type figure?

Absolutely. I have photographed women of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Boudoir pictures are flattering for everyone.

Do you provide the outfits or is that something I would provide?

I highly recommend that you bring your own outfits for your photo shoot because it will fit correctly. However, I do have corsets, lingerie, shoes and lots of props which we can include, like gloves, feather fans etc.

How far in advance should I plan if I want to give the photos as a gift?

I recommend doing your photo shoot min. 8 weeks before you plan giving it as a gift.I certainly can turn around a few albums quicker but its best to not rush things.

How do I book you for my boudoir shoot?

We find a suitable package, date and time and finalise the booking with $250 deposit, which you can pay via bank transfer or credit card. You can pay the remaining balance on the day of the session with card, bank transfer or cash.

How can I view my pictures after the photo shoot?

We make an design meeting which usually takes approx 1.5 hours. You will see all raw images on the big TV to select your favourites and we design the best album for you. If you are interstate or just too busy to come back, I can also do via online gallery and emails.

Do you take credit cards?


How long until I get to see my boudoir photos?

The average turn around time is 2 weeks but mostly I am faster then that.

Will my photos be public?

We will not make public any images from your session that includes your whole face or any recognizable markings (tattoos, scars, birthmarks) I would love to show off your face, but will only do that with your permission.

Will there be many people at the shoot and are there any men?

No, its totally private. Once your female stylist has finished your make over, she will leave and I close the roller doors, so its just the two of us.

Where do we shoot?

My studio at the rear of my property. Its an extra building with approx 60 square meters and its own entrance. There is plenty of free parking. Public transfer is a bit away (bus stops very close though) but tram and train are too far to walk, I certainly can pick you up if you let me know.

What is a set?

A set is a backdrop. EG the bedroom is a set, the Large window is a set….etc

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